How can 5G bring a revolution?

With Gigabit/s speed and a response time of 1ms, 5G enables various internet applications like Always connected self driving cars, real time VR Headset Streaming, Multiple Gigabyte files downloaded in mere seconds, complete smart home integration, drone connectivity solution. Medical application like surgery being performed from 1 corner of the world to another.

How far is 5G to become a reality?

5G started in 2019 but the rollout is expected to be not before 2020. It takes atleast 2-5 years before complete industry wide ecosystem revolution to come. Many equipment manufaturers like Huawei Ericson, have already developed equpments and smarphone manufacture have already announced devices like Galaxy S10 5G, One plus 7 5G,Huawei Mate X 5G to come with 5G enables modems.

The existing 4G infrastructure can be used to boost 5G rollout. 50 times faster internet.


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